You've seen the headlines, you've watched the videos. Now, join the groundbreaking MegaBots team that's making science fiction into a sport.

We're the most badass robotics and entertainment mash-up around, full stop. The company car is a two-seater, 15-foot tall, 12,000 lb mech outfitted with giant pneumatic cannons. We’ve been featured on the Discovery Channel, VICE, CNN, BBC, Business Insider, Rolling Stone, you name it. We've built America's first full-scale mech, we threw down an international giant robot duel challenge, and on top of kicking ass and taking names, we're focusing on developing the strategic partnerships and robotic technology that will turn this insanity into a world-wide sports franchise.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bring the giant combat robots and mechs from science fiction to life in the most epic way imaginable, in order to kick off the world's next (and greatest) sports league. You will be responsible for making the fantasies of millions of kids (both young and old!) a reality.

If you're up to the challenge, read on for our required and desired skills, and submit an application!

Contract Web Developer

Hayward, CA Corporate Contractor

As a Contract Web Developer with MegaBots, you will be developing and maintaining the public face of the company that brings the multi-ton behemoth robots of science fiction to life. The MegaBots website represents the core brand of the company, and should be a content hub for all things MegaBots. MegaBots is looking for a front-end web developer with an eye for design. The Ideal candidate will have a diverse supporting skill set that includes UI/UX design, social media management, online marketing, and basic image editing skills. The ideal candidate will know when and how to create extremely effective call-to-actions that drive measurable results.

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain MegaBots' web presence at
  • Analyze user behavior flow, track conversions, and make informed changes to optimize the website
  • Integrate various web service APIs including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, AdRoll, Shopify,, and more.
  • A/B testing website content and copy
  • Create, manage, and track online marketing campaigns. This includes advertising through email, social, and display networks.
  • Track and make progress towards high level goals like improved user engagement, store revenue, and email sign-ups.

Required Experience

  • Ruby on Rails web-app framework
  • Responsive design using front-end web technologies like CSS3, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Adobe Photoshop for web design mockups
  • Experience integrating various web service APIs

Desired Experience

  • Social media marketing
  • Deep UI/UX design experience
  • Deep knowledge of color theory, typesetting, and branding

This is a part-time contract position and is expected to start off at 10-hours a week. This position reports directly to the COO and has the potential to become a full-time position in January 2017.

Event Producer

Hayward, CA Corporate Part-time

What good are giant fighting robots if no one gets to see them? As an Event Producer at MegaBots, you'll be coordinating all of the action on the most important days of the year. This position has a tremendous amount of potential for growth. You'll be the person responsible for producing our very first events, including MegaDay (the unveiling of the new Mk. III robot). With the potential to grow all the way to 60,000 person events in stadium-sized venues. You should be a person that lives for the opportunity to bring order to chaos when a huge audience is depending on you. You'll wield a walkie with the finesse of an symphony conductor. Ten people will be asking you for ten different things at once. Yet, with nerves of steel, you'll be able to assertively prioritize, and delegate to get everyone taken care of. Then, after the stage hands and riggers tear down, sound & lighting techs pack up, security closes out, and catering cleans up, you'll head out at the end of the night. You'll wipe the film of grease from your brow, and unclip your earpiece. Your eyes sore and ears ringing. You'll flop down into your car seat with a huge grin, because you'll already be looking forward to the next event.

Job Responsibilities

  • Produce all of MegaBots' live events from conception to execution
  • Participate in ideation and creative collaboration for MegaBots events
  • Engage promotional partners to get the message out to targeted regional customers
  • Chase down leads on potential paid appearances for multi-ton mechs
  • Work with event vendors
  • Manage each event's budget with support from admin staff
  • Searching for and coordinating talent
  • Coordinate all operational needs for live events. This includes: Insurance needs, waste management, security, media, press, medical staff, catering, and other logistics.
  • Perform site inspections, coordinate and attend show-run-down rehersals

Required Experience

  • At least 4 years experience in event production
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • BS/BA degree in a relevant field
  • Proven track record of producing successful events at the scale of thousands of attendees or more
  • Outbound sales or bookings experience
  • Project management experience and/or supervisory experience

Desired Experience

  • Event promotion and marketing
  • Knowledge of sports or theater event production
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite

This position is expected to be 20 hours a week. Relocation is not provided for this position.

Fabricator - Welder

Hayward, CA Engineering Full-time

MegaBots, Inc. is looking for a full-time (permanent or contract) master or mistress of sparks and fire to bring the dream of giant fighting mechs to life in our super-secret fortress in the Bay Area. Your job will include all areas of fabrication typical to an industrial welder's position, but will also include collaborating closely with the engineering team to optimize design for manufacture and assembly, working on fun and exciting destructive testing methods that may or may not involve heavy machinery and explosions, doing lots of hands-on learning about how to build things that nobody has ever built before, and looking really cool climbing around on actual combat mechs with oversized wrenches. Only team players and problem solvers need apply. Major bonus points for machining, rigging, electronics technician, hydraulics technician, and heavy equipment operator experience.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work cooperatively with a small fabrication team to optimize workflow in a fast-paced, agile manufacturing environment.
  • Work from design drawings with minimal oversight, know when to seek clarification on design or process.
  • Explain your work and process on-camera during a fast-paced design and build. Try not to cuss too much.
  • Generate materials orders from drawings and help manage inventory.
  • Assist facilities management in maintaining a clean, safe, and orderly shop.
  • Provide feedback to engineers to ensure reasonable manufacturability of designs.
  • Learn new skills as appropriate to assist other technicians.
  • Work with design/build team on testing scenarios.
  • Test things until they break into small pieces, then put them back together again.

Required Experience

  • Minimum 5 years of technical steel fabrication/welding experience.
  • Proficiency with short arc and spray MIG required on plate weldments in excess of .5" thickness, pulsed MIG experience highly desirable.
  • Proficiency with steel TIG required, titanium and aluminum desirable.
  • Proficiency with all relevant steel fabrication support tools and techniques.

Bonus Experience

  • Previous experience with roll cages and tube weldments
  • Technical vocational education
  • Certification in MIG/TIG welding
  • Manual/CNC lathe and mill operation
  • Carpentry
  • Hydraulic technician experience
  • Electrical technician experience (for mobile equipment/vehicle wiring harnesses and electronics enclosures)
  • Computer-aided design (Solidworks or Inventor preferred)

Note: Relocation assistance is not provided for this position.

Operations Manager

Hayward, CA Corporate Full-time

MegaBots is more than just people building robots, it's an entire entertainment franchise and sports empire. As the operations manager, you'll be responsible for keeping the sports league of the future a well-oiled machine. You'll be setting up merchandising logistics, scoping out potential live event venues, and coordinating the financial and legal needs of the entire company. You'll be making sure the financial projections are up-to-date and the budget is on track. You'll be highly flexible and able to learn new, systems, workflows, and processes quickly and effectively. You'll also be able to create training procedures, document best practices, all while keeping an eye on multiple sales funnels. Part of working at the world's most ambitious giant robot startup is being flexible and taking on whatever needs to happen to make incredible robots of science fiction a reality. In that sense, this position will initially need to cover some marketing tasks that would normally fall outside of a typical Operations Manager scope of work.

Job Responsibilities

  • Handle all general and administrative needs of the company with the support of the office manager
  • Be the air traffic controller for all legal needs of the company with support from external legal cousel
  • Handle all financial reporting of the company
  • Manage all accounting of the company with support of the office manager
  • Execute on business development needs. This includes hunting down sponsorships, toy makers, video game partners, and more.
  • Be the air traffic controller for press contacts
  • Work with leadership of the company to implement and execute new revenue verticals

Required Experience

  • At least 2 years proven work experience in an operations role
  • BS degree in operations management or related field
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience breaking down complex high-level goals into an order of smaller achievable tasks
  • Experience in leadership role

Desired Experience

  • General marketing experience
  • Outbound sales experience
  • Hubspot CRM experience
  • Public relations strategy experience
  • Experience putting together media kits for press
  • MBA degree

This position is a full-time salaried position in Hayward, CA. This position has one direct report: the office manager. Relocation assistance is not provided.

Senior Controls Engineer

Hayward, CA Engineering Full-time

We take our engineering very seriously at MegaBots. As a senior engineer, you will be responsible for designing and creating internally-piloted, 15+ feet tall, 6+ ton mechs and robots meant to battle other robots in front of a live audience. Your job will be to make machines that are powerful, agile, and robust enough to live up to the dreams of generations of people around the world, but are at the same time fundamentally safe enough to set the standard for a new sports league for years to come. You will have to work extremely fast and well, make tough calls under pressure, balance design, budget, and time continuously, work on a team seamlessly, be willing to put down your computer and pick up a wrench or a soldering iron if need be, and have a blast while doing so. You can expect once-in-a-lifetime adventures and spontaneous international travel as par for the course. While working with a team of world-class engineers, expect long hours, extreme project responsibility and independence, and a dynamic and unique work environment not found anywhere else.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and bring-up control systems for 15+ foot tall, 6+ ton humanoid combat mechs designed to fight similarly-sized mechs while keeping pilots and audiences safe
  • Work quickly and effectively on a small, agile multi-disciplinary robotics team with 4-9 other engineers and various subcontractors
  • Explain your work and process on-camera during a fast-paced design and build
  • Independently and collaboratively take control systems from concept, to firmware, to actuator control, to top-level control on extremely short timescales (6-9 months)
  • Work with existing complex humanoid control systems and adapt them to our unique hydraulic hardware
  • Develop physical simulations of robot motions, use them to develop movements and gaits, and inform other engineers of resulting system requirements
  • Create and execute a series of test plans for actuator validation and modeling, system bring-up, and live piloting
  • Work with other engineers to develop human-machine interfaces capable of accurately controlling multi-jointed robot motion

Required Experience

  • Excellent teamwork under pressure
  • Willingness to be on-camera throughout the design and build process
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a small engineering team
  • 5 years minimum controls engineering experience, or 2 years DARPA Robotics Challenge experience in a humanoid controls capacity
  • Forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, position and force control in multi-jointed systems
  • Humanoid or inverted pendulum balance control systems
  • Model predictive control , state estimation, and trajectory planning
  • State visualization (3D, real-time)
  • Data logging system design, implementation and use
  • Control system bring-up on untested platforms and test plan development
  • Experience with ROS, C, Java and Python

Desired Experience

  • Camera operation, video editing, photo editing, graphic design, web design, model making or other graphic design skills
  • Hydraulic system control design
  • 3D SLAM
  • Human-machine interfaces
  • Machine vision
  • Mechanical fabrication and assembly skills (machining, welding, and mechanical assembly experience in particular)
  • Electrical fabrication skills (soldering and wiring harness experience in particular)
  • Rigging and commercial transportation experience (forklift/crane/boom lift certification and a CDL in particular)

NOTE: We're serious about requiring 5 years of engineering experience, though we will make an exception if you were specifically involved in the DARPA Robotics Challenge for two years in a humanoid controls capacity. Hands-on Masters and Ph.D. programs count towards this requirement, but undergraduate degrees and internships do not. Sorry, but we're not hiring entry level engineers for this position.

Social Media Intern (Paid - Part Time)

Hayward, CA Media Intern

What good are giant fighting robots if no one gets to see them? As the Social Media Intern at MegaBots, you'll be helping grow our digital presence and find a unique voice online. You'll be the person responsible for curating content and posting to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even our legendary YouTube channel from time to time. You'll also be posting at our very first events, including MegaDay (the unveiling of the new Mk. III robot). You should be a person that is excited about crafting unique and engaging content, stays up to date on social media best practices, and likes to hang with giant robots. You'll wield a smartphone camera with the agility of a tabloid paparazzi. With your thumbs of steel, you won't miss capturing any of the action as the robots of science fiction get built and tested all around you. And, if the internet trolls come for us, you'll be the impenetrable wall not even Mk. III can get past.

Job Responsibilities

  • Coordinate, schedule, write, and promote content for MegaBots social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, etc.) 
  • Monitor, understand, and engage with online audiences through social media replies.
  • Social media and news monitoring for robotic science industry trends, news, etc. 
  • Engage in live tweeting and social media monitoring during planned events and conferences 
  • Plan, manage, and maintain a social editorial and blog calendar 
  • Monitor client and competitor coverage 
  • Advise and collaborate with bloggers on topics; provide editing and SEO optimization on select thought leadership blogs 
  • Contribute to planning social media strategy
  • Collect data, create a social media dashboard, and report on social metrics; provide recommendations based on content performance

Required Experience

  • Motivated, creative, and enthusiastic self-starter with attention to detail and ability to complete tasks within a set deadline
  • Flexibility to live tweet and social media monitor during events and conferences
  • Must be able to receive school credit
  • Bachelor’s degree candidate in communications, journalism, marketing, physics, engineering, computer science or public relations is preferred.
  • Team player with a go-getter attitude and eagerness to learn
  • Experience with or interest in robotic science & engineering.
  • Excellent, proven writing and communication skills
  • Working knowledge of social media; active participant across multiple social media channels and experience with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Desired Experience

  • Previous Social Media Management Internship experience 
  • Event promotion and marketing 
  • Knowledge of robotics engineering and/or computer science
  • Graphic design experience

This paid position at $10/hour. 6 hours per week minimum (2 hours a day, 3x a week). This position requires the candidate to live in the SF/Bay Area. No relocations please.